Erosion Control and Bio-Engineering

Erosion Control and Bio-Engineering

HYDROMULCHING in order to limit EROSION on construction sites, on job sites or perimeters of Public Works and Buildings, or on Mining Operations and Quarries.

« The foundation for the use of Hydromulching on Public Works and Buildings Sites, is to warranty the integrity of earthworks and to avoid issues linked to erosion and sediment runoff »

HYDROMULCHING – contrary to Hydroseeding – is much more than just a simple technique of seeding vegetation.

Hydromulching creates the opportunity not only to apply seeds in big quantities, but also to combine these with fibreous compounds that have specific technical functions, and add soil conditioners to them. These fibreous matrixes or implantation complexes have been designed in such way that they offer precisely those functions that guarantee the expected results. And all this taken in account climatological, meteorological, pedological and/or slope constraints.

Hydromulching Euro-Tec : Contrôler l’érosion instantanément pour préserver l’ouvrage et y permettre l’implantation d’une strate herbacée pérenne
Control Erosion instantly in order to preserve the Site and allow durable Vegetation to install

Example : Protection and stabilization of Civil Engineerng sites, “highway & railroad slopes, pipeline trajects, ski slopes, airport runway areas.

Benefit of Hydromulching against traditional methods : The fiber matrix that is part of a Hydromulching operation serves as a ‘skin’. It protects the treated area right from the start against erosion from (heavy) rainfall which allows the vegetation to establish and take over quickly.

Hydromulching Euro-Tec : Contrôle des conséquences de l’effet « blast
Control the Consequences of Reactor Blast in Blast Zone Areas like Taxiways and Runways after Removal of Vegetation.

Example : Widening or extension of runways.

Benefit of Hydromulching against other seeding methods : Hydromulching apart from the seeds, allows to install and fix a fibre matrix that is blast resistant. This again allows airport traffic to use taxiways and runways right after finalizing the application.

Euro-Tec Hydromulching : élever le niveau de résistance au phénomène d’arrachement, de lessivage ou de succion
Hydromulching of a vegetation layer linked to a reinforced structure in order to increase resistance to tearing, wash-off or suction on a jobsite

Example : As an alternative or add-on to traditional bio-engineering or mineral jobsites used in the construction of storm water bassins, riverbanks or borders of artworks.

Benefit of Hydromulching :  The combination of Hydromulching and bio-degradable (or non-bio-degradable) geo-textiles like EURO-TEXTILE products, allow to increase the mechanical resistance of the vegetation. It increases resistance against a concentrated flow, an increase in speed or a quick change in the level of water. Such reinforcement is also helpful in blocking the superficial movement of the substrate due to atmospherical alterations (granitic sand, decomposed shale, sand).

Eurotec - Hydromulching : « Renaturer » des zones d’exploitation hors SSP (Sites & Sols Pollués):
« Bringing Back Nature» to non-polluted Exploitation Sites

Examples : Mines and Quarries, Industrial “Wasteland”, Stockpiles

Benefit of Hydromulching : allows big-scale operations for vegetation implantation, at the same time optimizing the conditions for vegetation growth. The area that has been disturbed by Man, is brought back close to its original natural state.

You have a project ? Euro-Tec has developed a range of innovative products resulting from its R&D.

Examples of jobsites - Before / after

« Renaturer » des zones d’exploitation hors SSP (Sites & Sols Pollués)
Hydromulching - Mines et carrières, friches industrielles, centres de stockages ISDND

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