Stabilization and Civil Engineering

Stabilization and Civil Engineering

Addition to a process of Stabilization on jobsites or areas where the integrity of Stability is compromised.

Hydromulching – contrary to Hydroseeding – is much more than just a simple technique of seeding vegetation.

HYDROMULCHING creates the opportunity not only to apply seeds in big quantities, but also to combine these with fibreous compounds that have specific technical functions, and add soil conditioners to them. These fibreous matrixes or implantation complexes have been designed in such way that they offer precisely those functions that guarantee the expected results. And all this taken in account climatological, meteorological, pedological and/or slope constraints.

Confortement et Génie Civil Euro-Tec : conforter une zone « instable »
Stabilization of an “instable” area by combining a pre-dimensioned anchor system with vegetation implanted by Hydromulching.

Examples : As an alternative to projected concrete, gabions, reinforced retaining walls, Reno blankets etc.

Benefit of Hydromulching : Allows integration but maintaining the integrity of the anchor system, right after the application. Maintains permeability and diffuses resurging (subterranean) water. Manages better the water flow after (heavy) rainfall over time. This solution also allows for creation of ‘Islands of Freshness’.

Please note ! This solution will take in account an obligatory preliminary dimensioning study based on a complete Geotechnical Report. This report needs to contain on-site measurements following Euro-Code 7.

You have a project ? Euro-Tec has developed a range of innovative products resulting from its R&D.

Examples of jobsites - Before / after

L’ Hydromulching à contrario de l’Hydroseeding est bien plus qu’une simple technique de semis de strate herbeuse.
En complément d’une STABILISATION pour conforter des ouvrages ou terrain dont l’intégrité de stabilité est menacée

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