Our Experience

Our Experience

EURO-TEC’s Experience is a Transversal and International one :  

  • REFERENCES : EURO-TEC is proud to show a wide range of reference sites on various types and sizes of jobs. On all of them HYDROSEEDING & HYDROMULCHING is used, be it on an embellishment projects, re-installing of nature, erosion control or other projects.

Golfcourses, Airports, Ski Ressorts, Pipelines, Highways, Railway lines, Borders around Artworks, Green Roofs, Riverbanks, Carpark zones with SUDS, Mines, Quarries,…

  • CONSUMABLES : EURO-TEC masters and controls the functions of all ingredients used in HYDROSEEDING & HYDROMULCHING. That includes seedmixes, soil conditioners, fibre matrixes as well as seeding complexes (Mulches) and gives us the ability to design “SOLUTIONS” taking in account the particular constraints on each project.
  • EQUIPMENT : EURO-TEC has a large HYDROSEEDING and HYDROMULCHING “Equipment” know-how that helps you find the right capacity for your specific project, but even more important it offers you an AFTER SALES SERVICE that guarantees you optimum productivity.
  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT and TRAINING : EURO-TEC offers support and “operational assistance” on site, so that even companies without real experience will be able to acquire an “EXPERT” level of competence in proposing and executing HYDROMULCHING Solutions.  
  • INTERNATIONAL : EURO-TEC boasts an structured international presence in Europe and the Middle East. Customers can communicate in over 10 different languages, and can benefit from local know-how and experience on pedological, climatological conditions. EURO-TEC also has a long tradition in tropical and sub-tropical regions, e.g. areas like Madagascar, Gabon, Cameroun, Guinea, Ethiopia, Congo.  

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