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Click & Solution by Euro-Tec

At Euro-Tec we’re anxious to make Hydromulching accessible to the biggest public possible, that’s why we are very proud of our new launch of the « Click & Solution by Euro-Tec » tool.

Click & Solution by Euro-Tec is the culmination of 25 years of experience in Hydroseeding and Hydromulching on an international level. All this is now formalized and accessible through an intuitive tool.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Contractor, Project Manager or Owner, Landscape company or other… Click & Solution by Euro-Tec has been developed for you.

Choose the type of project, complete some jobsite parameters and Click & Solution by Euro-Tec gives you access to a solution that’s presented under the format of a prescription sheet.

You still have a question or a remark? Please contact us !

Please make your choice according to the functionality of the vegetation you want to install.

You want to enhance, manage permeable areas, reduce maintenance and optimize water usage.
Examples: wildflower beds for parcs or gardens, alternative management of green areas without using phytosanitary products, graveyards, parking lots, lawns, golf courses, green areas along railway lines, …

You want to install an extensive green roof based on plant fragments (sprigs/stolons) or on seeds.
Examples: green roofs, hydrosprigging

You want to limit the erosion risks to perpetuate a construction site and protect water resources (sediment phenomenon)
Examples: Slopes, (Embankment) backfill, road debris, (storm)water bassins, ski slopes

You want to revegetate an extraction site to return it to its initial status, integrate an intermediate storage site, or storage site in the landscape.
Examples: mines, quarries

You want to establish vegetation on a stabilisation site to substitute traditional (hard) stabilisation techniques.
Examples: substitution of projected concrete, gabions, L-shaped retaining walls, nailed retaining walls,…

You want to establish a vegetation cover that can temporarily ‘confine’ a site polluted with soil contaminating substances (heavy metals, dioxins, fuels, PCBs, organic volatile components,…) and block possible transfer ways through phytostabilization.
Examples : ‘sealed’ stockpiles or excavations, alternative to tarping


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