Technical Support & Training

Maybe you're already a 'wintered' HYDROMULCHING company, or maybe you're a company that'sjust taking its first steps in the application of HYDROMULCHING Solutions ? Our experienced team of specialists is at your disposal to answer any technical problem that you might be confronted with.  

We will be glad to help out on the following subjects :  


You're being asked questions on a jobsite study where HYDROMULCHING Techniques are pertinent. Our technicians will first check the "FEASIBILITY" and work together with you on specific recommendations. These will take in account the constraints that are specific for this jobsite. (Pedological and climatologic constraints, requirements and expected result, budgets, ecological and environmental factors, legislation).

An estimate is made regarding human resources and equipment needed, which helps with planning the organization needed to reach the expected productivity levels.

You can also use our on-line tools that help you find the right solutions with the prescription texts (coming soon).


When buying a HYDROSEEDING / HYDROMULCHING equipment, or by sending us your specific request, we can train those people that will interact with your HYDROMULCHING Solutions. We can do so at your HQ - on site - or at our location near Lyon.  

– STUDY DESK : Training about the particularities of each HYDROSEEDING and HYDROMULCHING Solution. That way the will understand the different functions, performance and limitations of each component and product.

– OPERATIONS : We train your operational and managing team in the use and the optimization of the "PRODUCTION" of your HYDROMULCHER by the rules of art. 

– MAINTENANCE : a Workshop and Operator's Training that results in good practice and usage, trics and tweaks to maintain your HYDROSEEDER – HYDROMULCHER in perfect working order.


Our dedicated Service manages the whole logistics chain for you. This concerns deliveries in France our internationally. They provide you with a real FOLLOW-UP and a SCHEDULED delivery, which allows you to optimize your production schedules.

We also manage all regulations aspects of your order as well as specific documentation needed for transportation of goods of vegetal origin. (Like phytosanitary certificates, germination and purity test, import permits).


If you're experiencing problems with the start-up or in using the equipment, or if it's faulty, broken down or does not reach the productivity goals, our EURO-TEC technicians will assist you on-site and help you find the corrective measures to be implemented. That way you'll be back up and running in the shortest possible time and reach the expected productivity rates.

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