It is EURO-TEC’s ambition that our suppliers, production partners and customers adhere to the same fundamental, common values of the Corporate Social Responsibility Charter even before initiating a business relation.

Such Charter comprises an ethical and transparent conduct that helps move toward a Sustainable Development. That includes finally a general well-being inside those companies as well as an acknowledgement of the Human Capital.  

EURO-TEC’s 3 pillars on which our CSR is built are :

ENVIRONMENTAL Responsibility : Establish local partnerships so that production and resources (equipment/consumables and assistance) are as close as possible to the final user. Incorporate in the production strategy the sourcing of recycled and bio-sourced raw materials, and reduce CO2 emissions.

SOCIAL Responsibility : Create an inter-company social climate that is the base layer for Team Spirit, nourish a sense of Cohesion and Solidarity between EURO-TEC and their partners. Stimulate Enthusiasm and Well-Being in the daily run for the workforce and partners by improving working conditions.

ECONOMICAL Responsibility : As a result of both previous pillars our proposed solutions consistently need to be “Engaging”, “Innovating”, “Durable” and “Responsible” and dealt with by Employees and Companies under such conditions that they nurture and respect the Human Capital.

Subsidiaries and Representations

EURO-TEC’s spirit is not only one of geographical expansion, but most of all one of being aware that the recommended solutions take in account and respect the local constraints of the territory where they will be applied. These constraints can be of a technical, cultural, geopolitical or simply linguistic nature.

EURO-TEC’s ultimate goal is to offer its customers a “LONG-TERM SERVICE of PROXIMITY”. This determination, combined with Exceptional Human encounters have led in a natural way to the creation of permanent international presences. These have been established under the form of Subsidiaries or Representations.

EURO-TEC TURKEY and EURO-TEC IBERICA profoundly show this Spirit of Engagement, as they employ local People, have a local stock of HYDROMULCHING Consumables available as well as dedicated HYDROSEEDER and HYDROMULCHER equipment.  But most of all it shows the long-term willingness to provide the level of Assistance and Experience that local stakeholders expect and require.

Euro-Tec Turkey Euro-Tec Iberica

Our Distribution Network

In order to give you access to a wide range of  HYDROSEEDER & HYDROMULCHER equipment in rental, but at the same time offer you a real SERVICE of proximity, EURO-TEC have woven a network of solid relations with distribution partners. These partners are strategically spread over the (French) territory.

Each of our distributors can offer you a selection of equipment and products that will allow you to respond quickly and with flexibility to the needs of your job sites.

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