Erosion Control & Bio-Engineering


Geotextiles as used in Bio- and Green Engineering are biodegradable anti-erosion devices. These woven products have high traction resistance and are generally combined with vegetation installment (like tree/shrub planting, hydromulching of sprigs/stolons or seedmixes).

Jellifying additives

These additives help homogenization of the mix in the HYDROSEEDER / HYDROMULCHER, easing the passing of it through the hose, but they also limit the run-off on recently seeded areas.

Seed Mixes

Seed Mixes consisting of grass and legume species are generally characterized by strong rooting, diversified, resistant to submerging, registered or non registered species, & locally collected species.

Seedbed Covers and Implantation Matrixes

A projected anti-erosion matrix, offers erosion control of a seeded area immediately after the application. Such matrixes also favour optimizing the viability of the seeds seeded outside the favourable season, and so until favourable germination conditions return.

Soil Conditioners and Fertilizers

Soil conditioners help reinstall agronomic quality to depleted, washed out or disturbed soils. They help establishing a lasting vegetation cover.

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