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It’s our pleasure to present our new website. We’ve worked hard to make it more readable, more accessible and ergonomically, but without losing valuable content. We strive to make it more ‘alive’, not only through our own inputs, but equally thanks to yours.

Which Hydromulching Solution do I need?

Published on : 1 March 2022

To apprehend each jobsite fully and serenely, Hydromulching solutions users need to identify first the specific consumables they’re going to use. There are 4 criteria that need to be taken in account to find the most adapted and most economical solution. 1st Criterium: Destination of the Site. At this stage the seed mix is going...

Hydromulching & Hydroseeding – Definitions

Published on : 15 February 2022

So what is Hydroseeding ? And what means Hydromulching then? Hydroseeding and Hydromulching are two (Hydro-) seeding techniques. However, they don’t resolve the same kind of problems and use different materials. Hydroseeding is a technique that was invented by Charlie FINN in 1953 in the USA. This “seeding” technique allows for the implantation of herbaceous...

Blog Hydromulching Hydroseeding

Published on : 10 January 2022

Dear Customers, Dear Partners, The whole Euro-Tec team and I are very proud to present you our new website which englobes our new corporate identity. Both respond to and are the fruit of Euro-Tec’s continuous evolution in France and abroad. If you’re Managing your own Business, if you’re Contractor or Project Manager, or involved in...

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