Shared projects, common success…

Hydromulching – Hydroseeding Rental and sale of equipment, Plant & Civil Engineering

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Shared projects, common success…

EURO-TEC’s success is based on a team of specialists whose task it is to study the technical and financial feasibility of different projects.

This team consists of a study desk (specialists in landscaping, agronomy, geotechnology and hydrogeology), technical sales staff (regarding machines, consumables and seedmixes), and specialized business leaders (in construction of green areas and earth works). EURO-TEC’s team therefore is able to offer a complete project support and follow-up, including training sessions, on-site jobsite assistance as well as control of the final result.

Being perfectly conscient that the succes of a project concerns the company and the customer, EURO-TEC pursues a real ‘project spirit’ between the customer’s team and ours.

EURO-TEC’s team uses collective intelligence cultivating efficiency, solidarity and transversality, striving towards an excellent reaction without failure. Each team member is therefore susceptible to intervene in any customer project by adding his/her competences and find a solution to an eventual issue on an active jobsite.

EURO-TEC makes the difference by seeing each customer as a real partner, and by dedicating all their human competences to each of the various projects.

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