Temporary sediment control during an earthwork construction phase

Hydroseeding - www.eurotec.frA combination of the following conservation measures applied during the execution phase, will help limit the disordering effects that stem from spilling or run-off of sediment. They work on 2 levels:

Limit and control erosion of bare areas through confinement

  • Hydraulic Application of EuroCover EC
  • Natural Fibre cover in rolls : EURO-TEXTILE “NF”

Sediment Capture by causing it to settle before reaching the water environment:

  • Fascines made of Cocos : EURO-LOG “SC”
  • Bio Filtration Rolls : TERRA TUBE TERRA TUBE
  • Flocculants based on anionic polymers : SEDI-FIX
  • Filtration materials made of natural fibres

It has been proven that the combination of these various compensatory measures leads to a reduction in water turbidity of up to 98 %.

Hydroseeding – hydroseeder / www.euro-tec.fr