Temporary confinement : Eurocover

EUROCOVER is a patented concept (Patent # 11 59548) for temporary materials confinement that represents an alternative to traditional, tedious and economically and ecologically expensive techniques:
  • Covering the contaminated soil under treatment with (plastic) tarps : needs regular renewal of the tarp, disposal of the tarps only at certified disposal sites
  • Covering by sand or daily cover at Waste Management and Landfill Sites : important loss of landfill space and landfill lifetime

Apart from its efficiency EuroCover distinguishes itself by its quick and easy application 100% mechanically, without any maintenance nor need for disposal afterwards. The application is done through hydraulic spraying or via a hose. That way it allows to reach and treat each every area no matter the configuration of the site.

There are 3 different formulas available – depending on your needs:

EuroCover SP destined to contaminated sites that are under treatment or sites where contaminated soils are being stored for further processing (Bio-centres)

This version allows the confinement and waterproofing of the soil during various months in order to cut the possible contamination ways :

  • Soil contaminants (like heavy metals, combustibles, solvents etc) towards the (drinking)water level, via water from rainstorms
  • Soil contamination of the surrounding soil through leaching, run-off or erosion of the impacted soils
  • Volatile soil contaminants impacting ambient air through gasification processes

Download the EuroCover SP Technical File

EuroCover LF specifically for temporary storage of soils and not hazardous and inert Waste Management Sites and Landfills

This version represents an economical alternative to the Daily Sand Covers that use a lot of space and shrink the lifetime of the Landfill. EuroCover LF allows limitation of:

  • Wind Blown Litter
  • Odours
  • Leaching and/or rainwater penetration through temporary storage of it on the surface and improving evaporation of storm/rain water
  • Fire Hazard Potential
  • Surface erosion

Download the EuroCover LF Technical File

EuroCover EC for construction sites and earthworks in progress and/or mining activities (mineral stocks)

EuroCover EC lets you control wind and water erosion on sites without any vegetation. It helps:

  • Suppressing dust
  • Limitation of Surface erosion and Sedimentation
  • Run-off caused by storm water generating important disorders

Download the EuroCover EC Technical File