Roof-Greening through Hydrosprigging: VERTOIT

VERTOIT is a patented concept (Patent #06 08816) that combines hydro-sprigging (seeding of living plant material – stolons) with high quality components for roof vegetation.

Contrary to normal “hydroseeding”, VERTOIT Hydrosprigging is an innovating process as the stolons that are used for the seeding are being brought together with a fibre matrix that integrates high viscosity agents and specific activators.

The use if this complex:

  • Limits loss of plant material through crushing or friction while passing through the machine pump and application hose
  • Guarantees an even density
  • Guarantees a perfect cohesion between substrate and stolons
  • Allows to maintain adequate humidity levels needed for the development and rooting of the stolons
  • Optimizes the application as it allows to follow precisely an eventual design plan without staining nearby machines or other areas

VERTOIT is applied by a network of landscaping experts and – specialists that can also offer you pneumatic transport of the substrates to be applied on the roof, as well as yearly maintenance of your new green roof.

Donwload the VERTOIT Specifications

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