Riverbank Stabilisation: Bio- and Green Engineering

Bio-and Green Engineering (Habitat Creation) represent a specific know-how and adequate usage of vegetal materials as the basis to solve environmental problems like e.g. purification of water (phyto-remediation), soil stabilisation (Green Engineering) or issues with contaminating elements (phyto-stablisation).

Concerning soil stabilisation, Green-Engineering, it needs to be indicated that the effects will be reinforced during the establishment of the plants and vegetation. Meaning that at the end of the project execution the effectiveness will still not be optimum.

Especially due to this reason, it is common to use a mix of living plant species and inert structures that are 100% biodegradable (like geo-nets, fascines, cuttings) and whose only goal is to “secure” the new plantation until the point in time where the plants are sufficiently developed to take over the task.

Euro-Tec is one of the historical European operators in this business field offering a complete and global range, its reputation being founded on 3 Cornerstones: Experience, Quality and Availability.Inert structures used for the construction of fascines, combs, weaving etc

Geonets and Geotextiles made from Jute and Coconut Fibre

Géofilets et géotextiles jute & coco

Wattles & Logs

  • Geonets and Geotextiles from Jute & Coco
  • Wattles & Logs
  • Stolons and cuttings & “bed of saplings”

Living material for Bio-engineering & Habitat Creation, phyto-remediation and –stabilisation

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