Hydroseeding & Hydromulching

EURO-TEC has gained a vast experience on a large number of international hydroseeding & hydromulching projects.  That has helped us to create and formulate an innovating, high performance range of products specifically for hydraulic seeding.

Each Product has been manufactured with premium ingredients, and apart from that Euro-Tec veils closely over the performance of each product in the Euro-Seeding range.  As a result products meet specifications and requirements. Most important the formulation as well as the packaging are a guarantee for optimizing your hydroseeder performance and for successful seeding.

In this Quest for Quality, Euro-Tec has become the privileged European Partner of the American Leader of high performance mulching – Profile. The Euro-Seeding range exists of 6 groups:

Group 1 : Seeds for Hydroseeding and Stolons for Hydrosprigging.

Euro-Tec offers specific seed mixes for your hydroseeding and hydromulching projects. These mixes take in consideration the purpose of the project and the local climate and soil conditions.

Being a member of the GNIS, Euro-Tec guarantees the quality and origin of its commercialized seeds and stolons. Even more, Euro-Tec controls the art of balancing seed mixes, taking in account their specifics, requirements and the way they interact and even can compete amongst each other.

Thanks to a broad know-how and large stock, Euro-Tec is in a position to offer “traditional” hydroseeding & hydromulching mixes, as well as seed mixes for tropical, sub-tropical or Mediterranean areas.

Underneath is a non-exhaustive list of available seeds per category:

  • Grasses

Agrostis tenuis
Agrostis stolonifera
Brachypodium pinnatum
Bromus erectus
Bromus inermis
Deschampsia coepitosa
Cynodon dactylon
Cynorisus cristatus
Dactylis glomerata
Festuca pratensis
Festuca arundinacea
Festuca ovina
Festuca rubra commutata
Festuca rubra rubra
Phleum pratense
Holcus lanatus
Poa trivialis
Poa pratensis
Lolium perenne
Lolium italicum

  • Leguminosae – Legumes

Anthyllis vulneraria
Lotus corniculatus
Medicago sativa
Medicago lupulina
Psoralea bituminosa
Onobrychis sativa
Trifolium repens
Trifolium hybridum
Trifolium pratense
Vicia sativa

  • Other Species

Achillea millefolia
Sanguisorba minor
Plantago Lanceolata
Plantago Coronopus
Saponaria ocymoides

  • – Stolons/Sprigs


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Group 2 : Tackifiers and Stabilizers.

The use of a tackifier is vital in a hydroseeding or hydromulching operation because of 3 reasons :

1 – They provide a higher viscosity to the mix.  On the other hand they help to homogenize the various components with their different densities throughout the total tank height.

2 – Tackifiers improve the application by hose over longer distances.  They do so  by limiting the loss in pressure.

3 – Another advantage is that tackifiers limit the run-off and ‘splattering’ of the spray.  This becomes especially valid  whenever you apply the mix on slopes or zones that need a high level of precision (greening of roofs, around solar panels, etc.).

Euro-Tec offers 4 concentrated tackifiers :

Group 3 : Soil conditioners and Fertilizers.

Euro-Tec has created a range of conditioners specifically for Hydroseeding & hydromulching. The development of these has been based on a large number of thesis and conferences.  These dealt primarily with the following subject : “the understanding of mechanisms that improve the sustainability of an established vegetation cover on any kind of disturbed soil”.

Therefore, apart from the pure supply of essential nutrient elements and the use of premium prime materials, the EuroSeeding range also guarantees its impact on the following criteria.

    • Improves the physical characteristics of the soil.
    • Offers prolonged nutrition towards the plants.
    • Activates the root-zone.
    • Adjusts the soil pH.
    • Helps the Environment by limiting nitrate impact.

Euro-Tec offers 4 conditioners that can even be used in combination with eachother.

Group 4 : Seedbed Cover : Mulches

Thanks to its large international experience and close partnership with PROFILE, Euro-Tec offers a large range of mulches. All mulches provide a specific answer to the technical and financial requirements of your project. Naturally that’s independently from the brand and type of the Hydroseeder you use. That can  be with mechanical agitation or with jet agitation (hydraulic agitation).

The benefits that a mulch offers in relation to seed-protection have been known for quite a long time. Primarily mulch allows the seeds to stay in contact with the substrate. Secondly it regulates the temperature.  Finally it helps maintaining the humidity of the seeds’ environment.  Moreover it limits the “splash” effect from raindrops.

Air Rain Evaporation


A Hydroseeding – or better said Hydromulching Mulch, uses this ancestral principle.  It redefines it for mechanical application, hence for use with a Hydroseeder.  It then chooses the material that will dramatically optimize its effects.

Choosing your hydro-mulch : “see the European Technical Guide to Hydroseeding” page 72 (currently only available in French).

Euro-Tec offers 5 premium hydro-mulches :

Group 5 : Bonded Fibre Matrix (BFM).

BFM – or Bonded Fibre Matrixes – provide the highest possible technical level in Hydromulching.

This fibre complex, combined with seeds and soil conditioners, applied by Hydroseeder, allows for immediate protection.  Even more, it does so on a level that is superior to that of nets, without the hassle and cost of fixation, soil preparation and the problems related to (difficult) jobsite access. Once applied, the seeds quickly germinate and roots form.  At first these roots and plants reinforce the fibre matrix. But finally and definitely they take over its function. For a longer while afterwards, they will be feeding on the biodegradable matrix.

Efficiency Comparison between a BFM and a vegetation blanket


BFM’s are grouped into 3 categories.  First, they’re generally categorized depending on their level of performance.  Secondly on their level of resistance towards specific constraints.   Hence retention capacity, bio-degradability and composition are decisive factors for BFM’s.

Euro-Tec also offers 2 BFM’s high performance made by its partner PROFILE.

Group 6 : Reinforced Hydromulching for Extreme Situations.

Reinforced Hydromulching is a 2- component or two-step solution that guarantees stability and anti-erosion protection.

  1. The first step is the Installation of a durable structure (synthetic 3-D GeoMat, Euro-Textile made of Coirfibre).
  2. Afterwards you establish  vegetation through a Hydromulching (BFM application).

Sites with what are considered to be extreme conditions use these solutions.  Here are some examples :

  • Areas prone to quick rise/fall of water levels : storm water bassins, spillways
  • Strong currents or discharge phenomenon affect the site : diversion channels, riverbanks, stream banks, storm water conveyance channels
  • The site is susceptible to high erosion risks. Tha can be due to the slope or by the nature of substrate. Therefore steep slopes, embankments, landfill slopes come into play.
  • Areas with extreme climate conditions : tropical, equatorial, Mediterranean….
  • Anywhere where ‘nature’ risk containment systems get combined with other risk containment systems like rockfall netting, reinforced wall,…

Euro-Tec offers you 2 extremely well performing processes :

Green and Bio Armor cuts