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What is Hydrosprigging?

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Hydrosprigging is a further development of hydromulching, which consists in replacing the seeds by sprigs or stolons – specific plant fragments not available as seeds. Hydrosprigging also allows for an even quicker establishment of the vegetation.

Do you need to do any specific soil preparation before hydroseeding?

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Preparation of the soil is not of vital importance. However it is recommended to do the hydroseeding immediately after the earthworks finish, and eventual preparation should be in accordance to the final destination of and maintenance to be performed on the area.

What is the cost of Hydroseeding?

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The price depends on various factors like surface to be seeded, access to the zone, climate and soil condition and the kind of vegetation you want to establish. Approximate values are:
Hydroseeding : 0.30€/m² to 0.70€/m²
Hydromulching : 0.60€/M² to 1.50€/m²
Hydromulching using a Bonded Fibre Matrix (BFM) : 3 à 6 €/m²

Which seeds do I use?

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The seeds for the application need to be apt for the climate and soil conditions, but also to the final goal of the project. In fact, a mix used for rehabilitation and erosion control of an area will be quite different from one used on a golf course or on a Park or Garden area.

Can you also seed (wild) flowers or shrubs?

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Any type of seed not exceeding 1 cm of diameter can be used. The material quantities, the rates of consumables in the tank will be calibrated in accordance to what and where will be seeded.

How do I select a Quality Hydroseeding Company?

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Apart from the references provided by the company, it is of vital importance to have a precise view on the application rates used and the types of products (specsheets). It is also recommendable to choose a local Company using quality branded materials.

Can seeding by Hydroseeding or Hydromulching be done the year round?

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For Hydroseeding : NO, you need to seed during the seeding season, spring and/or autumn
For Hydromulching : YES, because the seeds and the substrate are temporarily protected against run-off and erosion. The vegetation will establish itself as soon as the weather conditions become favourable.

Why should I perform Hydroseeding lawn seeding on a flat area that was planned for traditional seeding?

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There is no need for preparation of the area, seeding can be done on any kind of substrate, no constraints on carriage possibilities or weather …
Hydroseeding is particularly adapted for industrial areas.