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Do you need to plan irrigation?

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NO, only for specific applications like hydrosprigging (with stolons and sprigs) or for areas like sport fields or lawns it can be worth to plan irrigation.

Who invented the Hydroseeder?

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Charles FINN invented the Hydroseeder already in 1953. Afterwards FINN CORPORATION became the world leader in manufacturing Hydroseeders, placing the brand on the level of e.g. CATERPILLAR in their respective business field.

Which annual seeded surface do I need in order to make the acquisition of a hydroseeder profitable?

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A FINN T30 Hydroseeder (1200 litre) can be fully depreciated starting from approx 20.000 m² of lawn seeding a year.

What is the area that can be seeded in one day with a FINN T30 (1200 litre)?

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With the machine placed on a 3.5 Tons vehicle, one driver and one operator can easily do 6000 m² of hydroseeding or 2000 m² of hydromulching.

Are there other applications for a Hydroseeder?

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YES, a Hydroseeder can be used for temporary confinement of contaminated sites, dust suppression jobs, seeding of green roofs, watering, etc.

Is it difficult to operate a Hydroseeder?

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NO, there is no specific preliminary knowledge necessary – an easy training to your team during a couple of hours will do the job.

Is it possible to do the same kind of application with a 1200 litre machine (FINN T30) as with a 15 000 litre one (FINN T400 Titan)?

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YES, the products and application rates per m² can be used irrespective of the tank capacity of a FINN Hydroseeder. Only the daily productivity will vary (approx 6000 m²/day for the T30 and 80 000 m²/day for the T400).

Do hydroseeders with jet agitation have the same performance as Hydroseeders with mechanical agitation?

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NO, a jet agitation machine is very restricted in its possibilities as it basically is designed to only do hydroseeding, and is also very limited in the choice of additives and consumables used (frequent plugging).