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Can the Bark Blower /Euro Blower suck up material, mix it, break it up or screen it?

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NO, it can only transport the material without recapturing it.

What kind of material can a Bark Blower transport?

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All materials used in the landscaping business can be used as long as they are ‘fluid’, of a regular/even structure, density < 1 and diameter < 40 mm.

Does the mulch application on already planted areas harm or damage the young plants?

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NO, the transportation principle is not linked to pressure but to airflow. What’s more, the fine-tuning capability of the airflow by remote control and the special diffuser cone at the end of the hose allow for precise application of the mulch at the bottom of the vegetation.

Is operating a Bark Blower difficult?

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NO, whenever the materials used for the application are quality materials and well stored, the operator controls the machine via a remote control with 3 buttons. An easy training to your team of a couple of hours will do the job.

Is the usage of a Bark Blower only for big volumes?

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NO, the use of a Bark Blower is also very recommendable for projects with reduced or difficult access and volumes of below 30m³.

Is it possible to transport the same materials with a BB302 as with a BB1222?

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NO, the difference in hopper size is not the only difference. Also the motorisation varies and changes the performance and material transport capabilities.