Our Values

Shared Projects – Joint Successes

EURO-TEC’s success is based on its team of specialists whose task it is to study the technical as well as the financial feasibility of various projects.

The EURO-TEC team comprises an engineering department (staffed with landscape, agronomic, geo-technology and hydra-geology specialists), a technical sales department (dealing with equipment, consumables and seeds) and specialized business partners (e.g. green space development and earth moving). This way, a complete project follow up is provided including on-site training and support missions, as well as in-situ verification of the final result.

Being perfectly aware that the success of a project concerns the company as well as the customer, EURO-TEC will always strive to create a real project and team spirit between its personnel and the customer.

Using a real collective intelligence which cultivates efficiency, solidarity and cross-linking, the EURO-TEC team strives to perform with the highest level of reactivity. Each team member therefore is able to assess and intervene in a customer’s project in order to add his competence to it and to be able to solve any technical issue that may arise on a jobsite in progress.

Looking at each customer as a real partner and concentrating all of its competences on the customer’s project, is what makes the difference at EURO-TEC.