Hydroseeder and Hydromulcher: Equipment for Hydraulic Seeding

EURO-TEC is the privileged European Partner for FINN – renowned for being the inventor of Hydroseeders and Hydromulchers in 1953 and worldwide market leader.

The FINN range of machines has built its reputation thanks to the remarkable performance, productivity and ruggedness of their hydraulic seeding machines. Moreover, the EURO-TEC specialists, depending on the type of application, will guide you with specific and exclusive options that will allow you to raise production and reduce operational costs.

EURO-TEC holds a constant and large Hydroseeder and Hydromulcher stock of new as well as second hand, and rental machines.

An After-Sale Service that exists of experienced technicians and a large spare part stock, guarantees an immediate response to on-site questions where needed.
The equipment is compliant to EU regulations that define the framework for Safety, Health and Security (EU Directive 98/37/EC) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EU Directive 98/336/EC). All Equipment comes with its Maintenance and Service Documentation.


Table with approximate daily production capacity for each FINN Hydroseeder

Technical Hydroseeder Specifications Average Daily Hydroseeding capacity Average Daily Hydromulching Capacity
EASY-SEEDER CE Gasoline 3 000 m² 1 000 m²
T30 CE Gasoline 6 000 m² 2 000 m²
T30 CE Diesel 6 000 m² 2 000 m²
T60 S CE 11 000 m² 3 500 m²
T 75 S CE 16 000 m² 4 500 m²
T90 S CE 20 000 m² 5 500 m²
T120 S CE 30 000 m² 7 500 m²
T170 S CE 42 000 m² 9 500 m²
T280 S CE 60 000 m² 16 000 m²
TITAN 280 S CE 60 000 m² 16 000 m²
T330 S CE 70 000 m² 17 500 m²
TITAN 330 S CE 70 000 m² 17 500 m²
T400 S CE 80 000 m² 18 600 m²
TITAN 400 S CE 80 000 m² 18 600 m²

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