Business Lines

Pneumatic Material Transport

Delivery, dealing with, and the final application of Landscaping materials on a jobsite, nowadays has become a key factor that can make you win or lose a project…

  • – More and more stringent and reduced job-site execution times
  • – Often very important quantities of materials to be dealt with
  • – Limited and difficult access to job-sites, often shared with other suppliers and contractors
  • – Expensive Labour cost that is better preserved and allocated to those jobs with a high added value

EURO-TEC, well aware of these issues, started up discussions with various business people, Landscape companies en substrate producers and suppliers already 10 years ago, in order to come to a mechanical solution that would be perfectly adapted to the needs of the various players in the Landscape and Bio-Engineering sector.
Nowadays, the BARK BLOWER and EURO BLOWER product range offer you the efficient alternative to cranes, wheel-barrows and so often unavailable or not-apt-for-the landscaping-job loaders.

A world of applications opens up with the BARK BLOWER, combining versatility and productivity:

  • Mulching of areas before or after planting
  • Terraseeding – overseeding with application of substrate and fertilizer
  • Substrate delivery for green roofs
  • – Transport of substrate : material delivery directly into in-door patios, into pots and flower beds, terraces, green walls
  • Installation and reparation of play grounds: delivery of shock absorbing or security material onto the playground area.

A large range of products that can be moved

Bulk products or products in Big Bag need to be fluid, with density < 1.2 and a regular < 40 mm granular size. The humidity content should be acceptable.

Working principle

Each machine works 100% autonomously, and all operate to the same principle described as follows:

  • A Hopper that allows for material to be stored in it and provides a continuous production flow
  • A moving floor with an airlock that assures an even material distribution without the material being cut
  • A hose with 100 mm or 127 mm diameter – depending on the model used – allowing distances of over 200 metre with the EURO-BLOWER HD
  • A diffuser at the end of the hose making the application of material easier
  • A remote control that allows the operator complete control of the material application (Stop/Start – Speed up/Slow down)
  • Only 82 dB of noise level with the noise-reduced version of the EURO-BLOWER HD