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Extensive Green Roofs

Extensive Green Roofs provide an alternative to traditional roofs.

Extensive Green Roofs provide an alternative to traditional roofs.
The choice of an extensive green roof fits perfectly in the overall approach of sustainable development and complies in complete harmony to project objectives like those of HQE and BBC.

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  • Green Roofs provide the ideal bio-climate strategy, combining protection against the sun, thermal inertness and noise isolation with fixation of dust particles and pollen.
  • Their water storage capacity helps slowing down and redistributing water from rainstorms and so limit the effects of wide-spread use of concrete and pavement.
  • Better integration of buildings into the landscape
  • Green Roofs help improving the thermal climate in cities, thanks to their capacity to evaporate and humidify the air of our cities that have become islands of heat where temperature does nothing else but rise…

Extensive Green Roofs are characterized by – contrarily to intensive or semi-intensive green roofs;

  • Vegetation that is limited in height and that has a natural prairie-type aspect, which is primarily based on different species of Sedum or associated herbs.
  • Reduced maintenance, generally only once or twice a year
  • Low weight thanks to the use of a thin layer of substrate with precise specifications
  • Very low or even no need for irrigation

Extensive Green Roofs can be installed perfectly well on concrete support, metal and wood, under a maximum inclination of 20%. Thanks to their low weight, they are particularly well adapted to rehabilitation and revalorization projects.

Schematic Drawing of an Extensive Green Roof


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