Business Lines

Seven Business Lines form Our Second Nature

Temporary Confinement

The technique of temporary confinement or sealing is becoming more and more implemented in order to limit the environmental impacts linked to the following activities…

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Erosion Control

Construction sites generally leave bare earth exposed – without any vegetation to protect it – which can temporarily have big environmental impacts nearby and far away.

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Bio- and Green Engineering

Bio- and Green Engineering or Habitat Creation are often defined as ‘a combination of techniques that use living material for 3 intervention types, with the final goal : a habitat that will be self-sustainable’.

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Hydroseeding was first introduced in the USA during the 50-ies…

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Extensive Green Roofs

Extensive Green Roofs provide an alternative to traditional roofs.

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Pneumatic Material Transport

Delivery, dealing with, and the final application of Landscaping materials on a jobsite, nowadays has become a key factor that can make you win or lose a project…

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