Alternative Weed Control – using HYDRO-MULCH “JEVI”

Alternative Weed Control – using HYDRO-MULCH “JEVI”

An Alternative to phytosanitary treatments,… growing a well-defined vegetation with HYDRO-MULCH “JEVI”

«Contamination of our environment through phytosanitary products becomes a real issue to public health and to the protection of biodiversity. The use of these products has a considerable impact on the destruction of local animal and plant life, but also on general health.»
«In earlier days, we treated lots of areas with chemical weed-killers (walkways, gutters,…) turning them into ‘clean’ areas – apparently. In reality, these areas became polluted by these chemical products that contaminated soil and water, and through run-off also our rivers.»

This is an excerpt from French Law, article 68, that’s related to the energy transition towards green growth, passed on the 18th August 2015, which forbids the use of phytosanitary products by the Government bodies, local authorities and public bodies, operating on public roads, public green areas, parcs and forests open to the public.

Why re-greening ?

The prohibition to use phytosanitary products moves the decision makers at public bodies, landscapers as well as private persons towards opting for a well-chosen and defined vegetation, due to the following reasons:

  • Reductions in “maintenance” budgets
  • Reduction in run-off of soil and phyto stabilization of contaminating elements brought onto the soil by human activity
  • Limitation of species that are invasive and can cause allergic reactions through a well specified vegetation
  • Improving the environment for the citizens by multiplying green areas with vegetation.»

Which areas can be re-greened ?

Those areas that are “borders” and are permeable.

  • Border of wall
  • Around tree trunks
  • Stablized areas or walkways (cemetery, parking, sportsground)
  • Carriage border, walkways

Re-greening with what ?

Taking in account the specific parameters, the implantation of the vegetation needs to be done through a hydro-mulching process, using a special set of consumable products with the following characteristics :

  • Seed mix : A special mix that allows for quick implantation of species that can resist hydric stress, moderate expansion and limited growing height thus reducing maintenance – apart from this adequate selection of species and varieties, the seeds should also be mycorrhized
  • Implantation compound HYDRO-MULCH « JEVI » – this combined pre-mixed product consists of bio-sourced/recycled fibres with addition of a binder and a fluidizing agent as well as a new generation fertilizer (NFU 44 204) that acts directly on the microbial life in the soil.
    The partial use of recycled fibres makes part of an active Eco-Responsable approach towards the protection of the environment


Application method

The hydromulching process applies through a hose a watery, dense and homogeneous mix -with the help of the hydroseeder equipped with a hose reel – of :

  • seeds
  • a hydromulching compound HYDRO-MULCH « JEVI »
  • a rootzone activator VEGEMAX


This high precision and high performance application does not need any preliminary preparation work of the soil, which also helps dormant species present in the soil to push through.


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